There are many instances for a brand or business where a stock video promo could be a great choice – limited access to a site, an offshore presence or more recently with the current world situation it may not be possible to safely commit to a shoot on location for you or your employees…or for a number of other reasons.

With a stock video promo we will carry out our standard proposal procedure then fold as many visual parallels into that process, learning as much about your business and your strategy’s goals as possible to translate to your clients and prospective customers visually. Upon completion a stock video promo will be created from assets already available to us for use, you can rest assured with your delivery that (much like the music we use in our work) everything can be used commercially with no second guessing. Why not check out our Hazeldene Asset Finance client page to see what we were able to create for this new business with the stock video promo option.

Utilising stock video allows you to take your viewers to different parts of the world, around different industries and amongst different peoples with a much smaller budget than having to fly us around to get the shots! This can allow you to put valuable context to your product whether that is a geographical origin or a peoples’ social outlook rooted to your service. Beyond the image and sound not being directly captured by us, a range of resolutions and frame rates are available to enable a spectrum of creative outcomes which can be made as bespoke to your brand or business as possible in the edit.

A stock video in your business’ strategy is certainly not a case of creating something to come in as “second best”, we have the creativity to make unique promos from these assets which will start interactions and fly the flag of your venture, not scratch heads.