Is your business in need of scroll-stopping, creative video?

Something conceptualised with a narrative in line with your venture or maybe something a little more grounded in reality with a linear structure?

Our promotional videos cater for either ambitions, with Cyber Lightning Media’s mantra being “Timeless Creativity” we are confident we can conceptually curate an idea for an individual or a series of videos around one of your in-house strategy goals or by reviewing the current promo climate in your industry, understanding your business thoroughly and crafting a bespoke outline. We have cut our teeth with narrative short filmmaking which translates to the life we can bring to your promo video campaign.

What is the difference between a photo and a video? Movement. Cinematic movement and a knowledge of storytelling with angles makes the difference between a good promo and a GREAT promo – this is what we love to bring to the table and are currently very excited to hear from businesses eager to embrace story driven video to their output. A package of snappy 15-20 second social media videos can win you new customers, or if you are about to embark on a Google Ad campaign for integration with YouTube we are up to the task of creating and delivering a sharp series of video assets that will compliment your brand on the internet during this age of fast information consumption.

Through the course of time, what has been your favourite advert? We take great inspiration from directors who started their career or dipped into commercials throughout before hitting Hollywood, it is that creative spark and vision which drives a memorable campaign which MUST be effectively conveyed visually, audibly and conceptually. As aforementioned, more grounded, linear concepts are vital too should it fit the business’ mould – complicated filmmaking does not always result in an effective outcome and our experience dictates we are confident in advising an approach to enable a robust and suitable outcome. We are passionate to learn about your business, your goal, and the inspiration to create a memorable experience for your customers that will stand the test of time.