corporate video

Corporate Video

Cyber Lightning Media provides commercial video creation to brands and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland from conceptualisation to shoot, regardless of the duration or the volume of videos you need for your strategy, we can craft your vision and optimise it for different platforms.

product demo video production

Product Demo Video Production

Do you want to put your product or entire range of physical goods in the spotlight for your prospective clients? Now is the time to get in touch with us to enquire about how we can help your business – our product videos are mainly filmed in a studio setting but we are no stranger to shooting this format of content on location should the product be bigger!

promotional video production

Promotional Video Production

Is your business in need of scroll-stopping, creative video? Something conceptualised with a narrative in line with your venture or maybe something a little more grounded in reality with a linear structure? Our promotional videos cater for either ambitions, with Cyber Lightning Media’s mantra being “Timeless Creativity” we are confident we can conceptually curate an idea for an individual or a series of videos around one of your in-house strategy goals or by reviewing the current promo climate in your industry, understanding your business thoroughly and crafting a bespoke outline.
stock video production

Stock Video Promos

There are many instances for a brand or business where a stock video promo could be a great choice – limited access to a site, an offshore presence or more recently with the current world situation it may not be possible to safely commit to a shoot on location for you or your employees…or for a number of other reasons.
Commercial Video Production Services

Commercial Video Production Services

We are confident our range of video services will effectively cover a spectrum of client needs, as well as allowing us to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table should your business be considering a video package as part of your marketing strategy.
event videography

Event Videography

Are you planning on having a reopening event for your shop?

Is your sports club having an open day?

Perhaps you are forecasting a conference when arrangements in person return to the norm and want a video to document the occasion to show your followers online?

school video production

School Video Production

Selecting the best school for your child and their needs through their young life is massively important, it is critical in the digital age that your academic facilities are showcased online through video; whether that is solely on your website, or also on social media.

charity video production

Charity Video Production

Charity and community are two fundamental factors in our society that should be supported where possible. We are interested in hearing from charitable organisations who would like video support for their event or strategy and who in turn could be a fit to work with Cyber Lightning Media.