Selecting the best school for your child and their needs through their young life is massively important, it is critical in the digital age that your academic facilities are showcased online through video; whether that is solely on your website, or also on social media. The dynamics of school open days and their accessibility is changing before our very eyes, with the solution being to bring the specificity of what you offer growing minds to the homes of their parents through the screen.

An AccessNI check can be provided upon greenlight of a project working together with us, we can facilitate a range of videos to enable your school to stand tall and in the best light amongst the competition, from classroom and facility walkthroughs, to staff interviews and parent testimonials, with your own concept behind the strategy being made paramount. We have experience working with Primary Schools and on the job possess the soft skills to support a young person’s approach and reaction to appearing on camera and henceforth compliment their input to promoting your institution…should that be the route you choose to take!

Different schools have different histories, student culture and champion different successes within – we understand the importance of conveying this to your prospective new intakes and with this diversity comes the job of structuring a concept on screen that compliments past actions and achievements, but still standing true for future ones. There are multiple styles that can be taken to bring the best out of your school environment, we love working through concepts with in-house teams, as well as being trusted to bring a completely bespoke concept to the table, delivering from page to screen taking into account academic achievements of your students, sporting victories, the student demographic and the overall forward progression of the name.