Carrickfergus Grammar School

We were tasked with taking the promotional video campaign supporting Carrickfergus Grammar School’s Virtual Open Day 2022 in a vibrant direction which would allow both prospective Parents and Students to get a taste of what the school offers and some of the faces who are integral to making it as successful as it is.

Spread across 3 shoots, our collaboration with the school determined that 2 videos highlighting different aspects of the CGS experience and what it has to offer was the most effective method going forward. Delivering different tones through music and visual approach helps support these 2 unique pieces, each with a different target audience – our focus on wanting to deliver great B-Roll to accompany the speakers on screen and show off the school was a high priority and for that to be a reality a great degree of access to different classrooms and activities was granted…this absolutely makes a difference for viewers. From being able to film teachers in action with their classes to shooting the students training with their sports teams, this was a really fun collaboration.

We pride ourselves in a relaxed and unimposing setup for capturing interviews to ensure those who are perhaps not accustomed to speaking on camera can feel confident, in relation to this element of the promo(s) allowing both Staff and Students to appear in their familiar environments where we essentially adapt for them not only keeps them comfortable but also helps the viewers see as much as possible of the school within the runtime. All our speakers did so well!

Meet Our Students

A different thematic approach was taken for the Student video supporting the Virtual Open Day, where the previous flagship piece provides a synergy between pieces to camera with a high volume of supporting content to show off the school, we proposed that it would be refreshing to produce this content with as much focus on the accounts and delivery of the Students of both Year 8 and Year 14 as possible – everyone spoke so well and that genuine exchange is valuable in content like this.

The concept of breaking up the pieces to camera with “tour” style sections where the Students will either show the viewer around an area or give an account in the midst of an activity supports their delivery on camera but also naturally acts as more insight to what is provided at the establishment. A little bit of supporting B-Roll added towards the end of the accounts with Year 14 helps to colour more specific areas of what is being articulated without imposing on the impact of what is being exchanged – we wanted to push the collaborative, friendly outlook this school community has by composing the Year 14s together as they come to the end of their time at the school; in keeping the Year 8s in a single piece to camera setup we allowed for their fresh accounts to come through…and all while having a laugh when filming around the Technology workshop and Art Department!

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