Are you planning on having a reopening event for your shop? Is your sports club having an open day? Perhaps you are forecasting a conference when arrangements in person return to the norm and want a video to document the occasion to show your followers online? Where we unfortunately do not film weddings, live stream events or long form gatherings, we do offer beautifully composed and sharply edited shoots at your event which not only would immortalise your venture’s success to fold into your marketing strategy, but be conceptualised ahead of time to ensure delivery of a comprehensive package your visitors and attendees can look back on, like, comment and share online.

We will approach your event as a canvas to curate a batch of content from, not only capturing activities but the scope to film testimonials, interviews or a comprehensive walkthrough of a product you may have on location, should this be your objective. In terms of social proofing, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to showcase a product in front of many eyes on site, gather reactions and colour it’s effectiveness with the backdrop of a well organised event; you will then be able to welcome both the interest of your attendees to revisit the experience online through your video assets in turn promoting organic reach and proofing the experience to your current and prospect clients who may have missed the date.

Logistics are integral for event work in that we want to ensure the flow of your presentations, attendee interactions and your audience’s experience is impacted as little as possible by our capture. Like all shoots, we will endeavour to learn as much about your business as possible as well as a full understanding of your event’s itinerary and the location in order to position ourselves and deliver as much as possible from your day.