Charity and community are two fundamental factors in our society that should be supported where possible. We are interested in hearing from charitable organisations who would like video support for their event or strategy and who in turn could be a fit to work with Cyber Lightning Media. Charities such as Help For Heroes, Dementia NI and Macmillan Cancer Support would sit close to our heart, but the lines of communication are open to anyone who would like to get in touch and discuss possibilities of working together.

Our people skills coupled with our overall commercial and creative experience is what makes us effective and in turn are the critical factors enabling productive shoots, projects and deliveries as standard with our clients, not only for charitable organisations. If what you represent strikes a cord with us we will endeavour to do the utmost for your endeavour, inclusive of conceptualisation and execution as any of our clients would expect.

From Stock Videos delivered with a bespoke voiceover to a shoot onsite cut together with catchy on-brand music, we can provide a spectrum of stylised approaches to video all with your campaign in mind but ultimately the momentum is to configure content with the ambition of provoking a scroll-stopping reaction, raise awareness of your cause and trigger engagement between you and your audience. Whether it is to build hype for a fundraiser, bring attention to your event online, build the profile of your organisation or all of the above, we are confident we can deliver. Our video assets can be integrated to your website and/or social media pages, or why not use them on location with a loop on screen much like a number of our clients do in expo settings, conversation starters that contextualise what you are wanting to achieve.