Cyber Lightning Media provides commercial video creation to brands and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland from conceptualisation to shoot, regardless of the duration or the volume of videos you need for your strategy, we can craft your vision and optimise it for different platforms.

We have experience working alongside in-house marketing teams and decision makers in a smaller business setting alike, whether you have a clear idea for your video content or need a helping hand conjuring ideas, we are confident we can make the difference for your venture. Videos we deliver can be used in a number of ways, the most popular is as social media marketing assets, however we have had a number of clients use their videos for public broadcast at expos, solidifying their brand and taking prospective customers front and centre with what they have to offer.

Corporate video creation really is our bread and butter, we love it and we love to take a client concept to the next level through collaboration – it is so important to us to keep our clients as involved as possible in the creative process, especially with strategies that take many creative forms such as pieces to camera, product shoots, and narrative promos – a corporate video strategy with us can cover it all.

Identifying the correct visual approach for a business or brand is something we pride ourselves in, a track record of clients and returning clients from a spectrum of industries and sectors have trusted our judgement and interpretation of their venture, with the creation of evergreen, focused and seasonal video content to solidify their strategy with the prospect of any or all deliveries paired with a bespoke in-house voiceover, great accompanying music and a refined use of text fonts and appearances to fit the tone of the project.