Exploring a client’s product in action is such an effective way of not only showcasing performance, but humanising the people behind it – this can be critical for bigger brands who until a point in their marketing can remain faceless to a large consumer base.

“A Closer Look” was a video concept we penned for Farmer’s to deliver an unevasive fly-on-the-wall range of product videos for their local and international clients to see, in this case SiloGrass, being used with local contractors. This shoot would have included a number of other conceptual videos to be created in the edit with the aim of targeting new and existing customers on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Colorbale – A Closer Look

A flagship product for my client and an agricultural asset that a lot of the public have likely seen while on a walk in the countryside or driving through a rural town – for this video we aimed to toe the line making something informative for those in the know and interested to buy and educational for agricultural enthusiasts…you would be surprised at how many there are on both social media and YouTube! This light tonal approach would go on to set the scene for the volume of videos we created for Farmer’s on this contract, in our view it is personal, engaging and hearty.

Baler Twine – A Closer Look

This installment of A Closer Look took us just outside Donabate, County Dublin in Ireland to showcase Baler Twine, a fundamental part of a contractor’s workflow when working with the square bales presented. A gimbal was invaluable on this shoot, a piece of equipment allowing us to glide around the field delivering a smooth shot even when there is rigid and irregular growth underfoot; this is a refreshing perspective to provide in agricultural video due to the onlooker experience being very different in person.

A bespoke script delivered via voiceover once again ties together the key aspects of the product while contextualising, this recipe of factors is long term effective brand-building. Cyber Lightning Media work all over the UK and Ireland, with this particular client having us film as far as France in late 2019.

Introducing Farmer’s Supercover

A new year brought a new product to the Farmer’s Netwrap range and with that we sat down with our client to discuss and review a tonal shift and approach in content style for this new season – we settled on constructing a more minimalist approach for the introduction of the Supercover product, snappy length, no voiceover, with a focus on the simple product performance in action…on this occasion we filmed on location with agricultural YouTube sensations Grassmen.

Using both aerial and boots on the ground captures, this mini introduction promo was the first glimpse the Farmer’s consumer base had at this new product and marked evolution in their marketing style visually and with a new presence on Instagram. This promo was conclusively optimised for 4 platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allowing my client to push as far as possible with their campaign.

On The Job: Colorbale in Co. Monaghan

In a twist of content my client sent a complimentary roll of Colorbale Netwrap to a contractor in County Monaghan and asked us to accompany it to film as honest a reaction to the product as possible. The “On The Job” series was devised by us to once again humanise the professionals using Farmer’s products as well as showcase the performance on a minute to minute basis- this particular instalment pushed that boundary even further.

The voiceover element is prevalent in most of the video campaigns with Farmer’s, it acts as another layer of explanation and context to first time viewers falling into either the catchment area on social media or YouTube.

On The Job: Colorbale in Co. Monaghan

This On The Job installment marked the final cornerstone in the Farmer’s product line we were tasked with capturing. Having seen the “A Closer Look” installment for Baler Twine illustrates that shoot dates can carry various volumes of content emerging from the edit, making a campaign go as far as possible, all optimised for all social media and video outlets…Farmer’s even used these videos at physical expos on broadcast monitors as part of their brand awareness campaigns which travel around the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada and America with their Sales Executives and Managers. These video assets are not just to tick a box, they are a full-blooded string in this company’s bow sourcing new customers and colouring their brand on a world stage and with that they allowed Cyber Lightning Media to contribute to the shaping of that outcome along with a trust inputting creative and effective ideas to achieve viewer retention. 

I needed to get a professional quality project off the ground – and fast. Cyber Lightning Media was highly recommended to me, and I must say I’ve been delighted with the results. Louis provided me with top quality results, in an incredibly tight timescale, and I’m thrilled at the level of customer service and support I’ve received. Louis has been our first point of contact for our projects since then and I will definitely be using Cyber Lightning Media for my future projects and now I too, can recommend their services. First Class!

Gary Millar, International Sales Development Manager - Farmer’s / UPU Industries Ltd

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