Do you want to put your product or entire range of physical goods in the spotlight for your prospective clients?

Now is the time to get in touch with us to enquire about how we can help your business – our product videos are mainly filmed in a studio setting but we are no stranger to shooting this format of content on location should the product be bigger! This kind of video is the ideal option for creating a stylised, on brand promo highlighting your goods complimenting the packaging and it’s process, or exploring what you have to offer through demonstration, not only letting your prospective customers see your physical brand in the best possible light but all encapsulated within a snappy thematic video or series of videos.

Why not check out our Bravo Tango Coffee client page to see how they incorporated a product video into their contract with us and how we not only showcased their coffee beans but an avenue of preparation to influence viewers as to how to enjoy what they had to offer, all on brand, conceptualised, shot, edited and delivered under one roof.

Not only consumables and typical “customer facing” items are suited to product videos, where we see all kinds of foodstuffs showcased on television and social media in this format, there are plenty of ways to highlight your technology, tools, furnishings etc using a robust concept developed either within a current brand or as part of an entirely new one. Implementing camera angles that pick out small but critical details along with factoring in highlights of colour merged with the potential sound of an appliance or it’s surroundings can bring an everyday item to life – we have both the experience and creativity to develop these concepts to become your video assets

Let us make your sauces, technology, jars, equipment, clothes, bottles or range of consumables come alive on video!