Active Adventures NI

Ballintoy Harbour has been a hot spot for Coasteering in Northern Ireland for many years, as always working closely with our client we wanted to present this activity package as uniquely as possible using both boots on the ground and aerial videography.

Active Adventures NI operate in the heart of a lot of natural beauty which is as much of a draw for customers as the quality and standard of their activities, this needed to be highlighted…the best practice for this was to cut the promo in the succession of occurrence their clients would experience- from gearing up, walking to the rocks and jumping in. My client understands that every customer is unique with some more daring than others, the delivery had to have a balance for individuals set to push their limits and those happy just to dip their toes. Pinning names to staff faces and displaying the team’s safety-first mantra were also priority tasks which fitted into the edit perfectly with the aforementioned occurrence in the video being from dry land to water, the ideal setup.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

More introductions to the team were completed alongside showing off a summertime activity favourite amongst Active Adventure NI customers…as well as some prep on the beach typically unseen- don’t be fooled those are indeed Ballintoy waters and not somewhere in the Seychelles, altitude and the way light hits water changes a lot of factors! An inclusive and relaxed tone was essential to keep this promo as true to the customer experience as possible, the team love what they do and so do their groups!

Kayaking at Ballintoy Harbour

When not being used as a location for Game of Thrones, Ballintoy Harbour is the HQ for Active Adventures NI where customers set off on the various Kayaking tours my client offers. Engaging graphic overlays rooted to the environmental movement on screen provide a really effective immersion for viewers as they take in some of the sights the North Coast has to offer as well as meeting the team- this was an editing point implemented to make any text on screen seem as organic as possible to ensure there were no distractions from the beauty of the location.

Logistically there is a high degree of planning for a series of videos such as the Active Adventures NI contract, we deep-dive (no pun intended) into multiple weather resources and communicate transparently to the client in order to manage expectation and digest the information outlets we use to determine how successful an outdoor shoot can be- this is the kind of forward planning essential to a successful and stress free capture of a business’ bread and butter.

Wet Bouldering Bloody Bridge

As a business we are not shy to get our feet wet and sink our boots into the mud, this promo as part of Active Adventures NI initial launch awareness campaign on social media had us catch up with them on a team building day at Bloody Bridge, here the group would designate a leader for the excursion and carry out an activity with the objective of having fun but keeping their instincts and protocols sharp.

This was a gorgeous day for a shoot, the ambition of the promo was to pin faces to the brand name but also show prospective customers the location from a unique perspective- not to mention lacing some of the common sights during a Wet Bouldering excursion throughout. Calculated promos such as this are perfect for scaling views and follows on social media, you are providing a different perspective of an interesting activity in a picturesque setting- this can cumulatively lead to great organic interaction if marketed correctly.

Working with Louis was an overall great experience from the initial concept to the final product! It’s invaluable for me to work with someone who is able to extract the ideas & visions that I have in my head and turn them into a visual representation! Louis isn’t afraid to say if he thinks something is a good or bad idea and I for one love this constructive feedback. Nothing was a problem, communication was prompt throughout and I couldn’t have been happier with our promos! I will definitely be using his services again, in fact, I look forward to it!

Jordan Allen, Director/Lead Guide - Active Adventures NI

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