Cyber Lightning Media was started by award winning Belfast-based filmmaker Louis Moffitt in December 2018 with the motivation of injecting the personal mantra of “Timeless Creativity” to a business creating scroll-stopping and head turning Commercial Video to brands and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

Louis cut his teeth writing and directing short fiction after graduating from his studies in Film & Scriptwriting for Film and Television in 2011, his freelance career saw him working on various commercial shoots for clients such as the NHS and Visit Armagh, as well as crewing and shooting Music Videos. Louis is known for the short film “Lair” created for BBC Three’s horror anthology film show “The Fear” in 2015 with it winning it’s category at the inaugural Halloween Horror Fest 2015 in Los Angeles and later going on to get distribution in the United States concluding it’s international festival run. Louis’ films have made an impact on the festival scene throughout the world, being screened locally as part of the Belfast Film Festival and globally throughout the UK, USA, Ireland, Italy and as far as Australia to critical acclaim; it is this developed understanding of working with actors and constructing a scene and story that acts as the bedrock of the content delivered with Cyber Lightning Media- stratospheric concepts for campaigns and relaxed, calculated sets for the best delivery.