RH Power Washing

RH Power Washing needed a snappy, scroll-stopping Services promo with a 24 hour turnaround, as per their tight brief there was not enough time to get on location for a shoot, making the Stock Video option we offer our clients the perfect solution. We licensed all assets for the promo, as well as adding motion graphics detailing the business’ services to their prospective clients, with a bespoke voice over finishing the piece, all scripted and recorded in-house.

This piece of content was for use on the client’s social media platforms and websites- we ensured they received the assets optimised in the best way for each outlet; for this project we were given free reign of how to approach the subject matter, which was a lot of fun! Instead of underlining the work requirement of power washing itself, we felt exploring water as a vital element to the business would be a memorable and interesting concept to help the business sell to new customers. Stock Video gave us many fantastic visual options, from setups that would be time consuming and messy to carry out, counterproductive to the client’s brief- although one day we really want to film water oscillation, we have all the tools to do so…including a fish tank!

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