Castle Gardens Primary School

Video testimonials supporting a service or product are so important in bolstering the reputation of a business, or in this case a Primary School!

This project was created for Social Media promotion and hosting on the client’s website, approaching the contract we were given a blank canvas to pitch the style and direction of the piece and once signed off we were wholly trusted in delivering the tone and strong communal feel of the school as best as possible – this resulted in a very effective and successful piece for a unique primary school! We have since returned to deliver the school’s 2021/22 video campaign to support the 2022 intake with the content being a runaway success on Social Media netting over 21K views in a 5 week period!

The flagship promo for Castle Gardens Primary School 2020/21 video campaign had us combine a piece to camera with Principal John Gray with a creative exploration of the school showcasing both it’s wonderful facilities and the personal touches added by pupils throughout. To further win the confidence of prospective parents wanting to choose a school for their child we took advantage of how great a speaker John was (in what was originally meant to be a stand-alone piece to camera video) and aimed to highlight the passion for his job through questioning that naturally brought the school’s assets to light- there is no greater achievement of confidence for a parent than to see the commitment to the job a Principal has and speaking from the heart.

Parents’ Testimonials

It was of paramount importance that the parent’s kindly giving their time to talk were walking into a relaxed and unassuming environment, we find that this ensures honesty of dialogue and a natural delivery, especially when they aren’t aware of the line of questioning. Beyond providing a face aligned with an engaging opinion, the final edit provides both context to what’s being discussed and an exploration of the school facilities.

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