product demo video production

The main purpose of Product Demo Videos are to reduce the number of your customers who return a product, leave negative reviews or ask your staff the same questions because they are unsure of how to use it.

Frequently asked questions are sections of the site that your customers may struggle to find or understand. The most asked queries can be quickly explained through product demo videos. These can be video guides for software or recorded by ourselves in your premises or our studio involving a member of your staff who can clearly explain how to work or build/fit your product. E.g. how to properly fit a child’s car seat or how properly fit a mirror to a tiled wall.

Educate Your Audience

Demo Videos can help you drive home a point like nothing else. They’re used widely by corporate, educational and product specific industries to clarify concepts or provide tutorials.

The best demo videos are considered powerful tools that illustrate an idea, product or service with it’s own degrees of complexity in an easy to follow and understand delivery!

Product demo videos of all types are better than just plain text for many reasons. Businesses use them to show employees how an updated technology will benefit their business and what its strengths, weaknesses, or unique features are in order convince staff members that this change is worthwhile.

It’s often hard to find good examples for this, but these could include any number of things from simplifying a complicated process or idea into something easy enough that even an elderly relative can do it!

Product demo videos are great for providing step by step instructions on installing new software without getting lost along the way. You also have ample opportunity in demonstrations – let users watch how you set up an app so they know what their options will be once its launched too…

Our Process For Creating A Product Demo Video

– Figure out who your target audience are

– Figure out the objectives and your goals are for the product demo

– Agree a timeline and budget for the production

– Create a storyboard and does the video need to be shot using camera equipment or animation

– If a voiceover option is taken, a script will be produced for agreement by the client

– The video will be produced and sent over for approval

– Agreed changes/amendments will be carried out and the video files will be sent over via Google Drive or Dropbox

Like all of our videos they can be used for embedding on your website, YouTube or any other social media platform. The great thing about video is that it can be reused again and again and even recut to be used as part of future videos.

If you are looking for a product demo video get in touch with Cyber Lightning Media today on +44 7853 914735.

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