Trends and technologies come and go, however it is safe to say that every stone gets left unturned on YouTube – whether you’re an avid viewer with a dense list of subscriptions, or a passive fan of a handful of channels, you might have heard of Deepfake videos aka videos created mimicking the likeness of a person who was not in the original material.

A Deepfake is created using a deep learning artificial intelligence, it isn’t something you can start learning in the AM and have mastered by the PM and is infact a technology Hollywood is in the process of slowly implementing more regularly…there have been debates online airing concerns that it can shatter opportunities for current working actors as when skillfully executed the technology will grant film studios to cast the likeness of the deceased in brand new releases besides the large list of creative possibilities Deepfakes produce. 

If YouTube wasn’t already a source of inspiration for your business, no matter what the industry you serve is, be sure to take note of the YouTuber Shamook – a creator who spent his time making Deepfakes within scenes of his favourite TV shows and films on his channel. Shamook was recently extended a job opportunity after the team at LucasFilm saw his Deepfake of the end scene of Season 2 of Star Wars show The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+, amassing over 3 million views at the time of this article.

What does this tell us? How can this be relevant to your business? Well, this is the proof in the pudding – video content breaks down walls and gets you seen, you are giving your brand the best possible fighting chance by delivering to your prospective customers a well strategised video plan taking into account your market, your audience and your brand identity. Nowadays it’s so easy to allow vanity metrics to dictate measurements of success, Shamook created content that was fresh, relevant and of high quality, but he only sits at 95K subscribers…it sounds huge but in the arena which is YouTube he is still only a medium sized creator.

We constantly tell our clients to focus on creating a legacy of great original content, and this is always our first and foremost approach to all contracts, small acorns grow into tall Oaks and by investing in high quality video we will ensure that 3, 6, or 24 months down the road your clients will see consistency in your output with evergreen content where possible but always an attention to detail that will get you noticed…because video converts viewers to customers and you should never underestimate the power of video.

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