Spoons, Not Forks

A really fun and challenging shoot at 1161 feet to showcase the sport of Bouldering through a series of climbs in a vibrant and exciting video with the beautiful backdrop of Hen Mountain in Northern Ireland throughout.

This video garnered interest from the Psychi brand upon being made public and went to achieve selection f​or the Premio Leggimontagna – Cortomontagna 2019 film festival in Italy, being shown on the big screen to a live audience as part of the main event. It continues to stand the test of time highlighting a challenging sport and a great day out amongst enthusiasts, further proving that adding a human factor to most on screen activities pays dividends to the impact of the video amongst viewers.

The title “Spoons, Not Forks” is a reference to the protocol of catching someone should they fall off the rock whilst being spotted at the foot of a climb, a “Spoon” being cupped catching hands and a “Fork” being an incorrect catch with the spotter’s digits exposed. 

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