MayWe Event Management – Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

With everyone being forced into a hiatus surrounding current world events, we were delighted to shoot and deliver all the promotional and supporting video for the City of Lisburn & Castlereagh Mayor’s Festival at Home 2021 when they made the choice to bring the festival online, starting with this announcement promo.

This promo mixes both our event videography shoots over a number of days and licenced stock video enabling us to reinforce the objectives and targeting of the event – during the pandemic stock video has been so valuable to allow us to deliver the same high standard shots at times where we could not get out on location. Following strict guidelines we had an enjoyable shoot with Nicholas Trimble the 2020/2021 Mayor of Lisburn as well as filming the amazing work the Foodbanks within the Council’s remit do, our great collaborators MayWe Event Management also we’re afraid to get involved in front of the camera!

Setting out the objectives the Mayor and the Council wished to achieve during the event and creating a fun carnival atmosphere in the online festival’s spirit were high priority, this was achieved in part by curating a memorable soundtrack and fine tuned colour palette that occurred throughout the video deliveries supporting the event’s branding; entertainers and musicians were also showcased. Requested Closed Captions helped to enable as many people in the community to learn about the event and get involved. 

In this day and age nobody should go hungry, a concept we really wanted to push in this video while highlighting the amazing work the Foodbanks in the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council area does in both supporting people and acting as a community pillar – we went on location at the Foodbanks in both Lisburn and Dundonald with the ambition of marrying the faces of the volunteers with their daily actions in situ. Inspiration was taken from some of the “Stand Up 2 Cancer” segments which champion reality with a thematic approach to highlight actions in a filmic way, underlining user-submitted quotes with animated text on screen and a range of essential donated items was an effective way to get the message across that said donated foodstuff is needed, appreciated and does instill change in somebody’s week to week living.

One of two tutorial demonstration videos we created as part of the festival, this piece specifically geared to trigger interaction with younger viewers showing a comprehensive guide to making a Costume Headpiece with participants availing of a materials pack created by MayWe Events Management as part of the event. The piece needed to be simple to follow, full of levity and stay on brand with the event’s colour palette and audio theming. We implemented various animated on-screen text prompts to allow for easily keeping up with the information as well as Closed Captions to include as many children as possible with the experience. This is a typical two camera setup for tutorials, the master angle above and detail angle opposite allow for a comprehensive capture enabling the audience to maximise their viewing experience and equally as importantly – the outcome of their creation!

As an initiative to reach out to schools to get their children involved, with the Mayor of Lisburn Nicholas Trimble announcing his pick as the best in show at the finale of the Mayor’s Festival at Home 2021, this video detailing the process of creating a Float from a Shoebox had to be ultra accessible aimed at teachers moreso than directly at children. This initiative was in line with the festival’s theme of community and arts, the response from schools was brilliant with submissions from P1 to P7 age groups, it’s timing during the event lining up with when the streets of Lisburn would have been filled with Parade attendees, which needed to be cancelled because of world events. A two camera setup with a fixed elevated angle and a secondary angle for detail allowed us to include the finer points – both this and the Costume Headpiece videos clocked in at over 1 hour each, with the edit condensing the tutorials to under 6 minutes runtime, essential for holding attention. Animated text graphics coupled with Tricia the host’s spoken guidance make this an accessible and effective tutorial for all ages. 

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