Bravo Tango Coffee

As part of the client brief, the ambition for a social media commercial exploring the fundamentals of the product through nothing but imagery was set to be delivered in a studio environment using locked and swift camera movements.

A snappy showcase of a client product such as this, if marketed correctly, can generate a lot of attention- the building blocks of high production value match the ambition and output of Bravo Tango Coffee and rightfully highlight a top standard local product using dark colour palettes and a score that flows as much as the liquid.

Client Interview

It’s important to remember that people buy from people and the very human origin story for Bravo Tango Coffee needed to be captured with a visual balance that sets key personnel out from the rest as well as highlighting the asset of their business – their Roastery!

A comfortable interview setting was achieved for our clients, all in house at their wonderful location. An informative interview such as this can be achieved in as little as 2 well crafted questions (without the client knowing!), allowing them to open up an organic dialogue which inevitably leads to passion being noted on screen- getting a great reaction through questioning is as much our job as shooting and cutting a great promo. This piece of content when launched on social media generated 4 figure views in 24 hours, reactions and comments from customers – it is considered to be evergreen content that will act as a service benchmark for Bravo Tango Coffee.

Bean to Cup Location Promo

We love coffee! Millions of people love coffee! We were thrilled to create a promo showing off the creative side of the coffee making process! “Bean to Cup” was the motivation for this commercial, delivered with the use of sharp movements, a “cascading” score and a focus on a warm colour palette to reflect the depth of flavour in our client’s product…it’s the perfect canvas to try cup art on too!

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