Belfast Coffee Roasters

A wide array of popular and unique roasts created in the heart of Belfast! From each hand-stamped, hand-labelled bag to the roast date presented proudly, it’s not hard to catch Belfast Coffee Roasters’ infectious passion for great coffee as you enjoy each sip.

Our client wanted a promo which showcased their process on location, with a leaning on an “Industrial” theme tied together with a Peaky Blinders style soundtrack! Lots of beans, moving parts and the outcome ready for their customers was the visual focus we aimed for; the beautiful Yellow Bourbon Brazilian coffee beans were perfect on camera, their deep brown motivating the overall grade for the piece focusing on those warming hues and the steel tones present in our client’s warehouse.

For Belfast Coffee Roasters our proposal process included a brief international competitor analysis to review how different Roasters were conveying different blends on camera. Along with the client’s brief and their keen eye for branding…especially when their own was so developed, made this such an enjoyable experience for all parties. A slim turnaround time was a factor with each creative element, however collaboration is something we welcome time and time again to get the best results and happy clients!

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